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General Info

We operate year round private sport fishing Charters out of Haleiwa small boat harbor on the North Shore of Oahu. These are the rates to charter the boat. We allow up to 5 people per charter. These tours are private charters so rates are the same for three people as they are for five.


  • Full Day 8 to 9 hours $900
  • 3/4 Day 6 to 7 – $800
  • 1/2 Day 4 to 5 – $700

Fish Policy

Hawaii state laws prevent us from selling cut fish. So our fish policy is to not cut any fish larger than 50 pounds. We will give you the anglers as many fish as we need to make the total weigh, and then we can cut them for you if you would like. This weigh is dependent on the length of the charter which is listed below. The rest of the catch will go to auction. We operate at the lowest possible cost and need fish sales of the larger fish to motivate the crew and to purchase new gear. If we don’t catch fish we don’t make money. We are happy to cut your portion of the catch for you at the dock at the end of the day. Whole fish will yield about half their weigh once they are cut. We are offering you the thrill of fishing the North Shore as we do. We don’t do boat rides. Every day we try to put the boat on the best fishing possible and biggest fish on the line.

Customer are entitled to take:

  • Full Day 40 lb whole fish
  • 3/4 Day 30 lb whole fish
  • 1/2 Day 25 lb whole fish

No Guarantees in fishing

We offer sport fishing at the lowest possible price so our fish policy is non-negotiable. We also do not guarantee a catch so we do not refund for lost fish or slow days. We target the largest and fastest fish in the sea and strive to catch people the biggest fish of their lives. Every day is different out there, so we make the best choices we can with all the information available to put us on the fish.


The crew works for tips and a portion of fish sales. They will try every trick in the book to put fish on the line. They are responsible for showing you a good time and your safety. Please show your gratitude with a nice tip at the end of the day.